Top 25 Best Minecraft Bukkit Plugins in 2024

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time in any genre. Since its release in 2011, people have been developing various ways to play it, either alone or with friends using multiplayer servers.

One important aspect that can enhance the gameplay experience is the Clicks Per Second (CPS), which measures how quickly a player can perform actions in the game. Any way you play it, though, you need Minecraft Bukkit Plugins (or just “plugins” for short) to set up your server.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Minecraft Bukkit Plugins that will make your server awesome. They were picked due to their popularity, how well they work, and overall what people liked about them. These plugins are compatible with the latest version of Bukkit for Minecraft.

Requirements: Familiarity with some basic terminologies about Minecraft servers (i.e., MC, YT, FTB, Bukkit).

What is a Minecraft Bukkit Plugin?

Minecraft Bukkit Plugin is a mod that changes certain aspects of gameplay when running on a Minecraft server, often adding functionality that’s not even originally part of the game.

The most popular ones allow people to create their own mini-games and roleplaying situations. If none of this makes sense to you, think of them as mods for Minecraft on PC. They make the game more fun and more functional, but they also require you to know what you’re doing in order to set them up correctly; otherwise, your server will crash or not even launch.

25 Best Minecraft Bukkit Plugins

Here’s the list of 25 Best Minecraft Bukkit Plugins which you can pick for your server.

1. WorldEdit for Bukkit


The WorldEdit Bukkit Plugin works on any server running Bukkit that supports version 1.7 or higher of the Spigot API. This plugin enables you to make changes to your Minecraft world quickly and easily using commands. In the past, it would take a lot of time to alter even a single block – Now, it takes just a couple of minutes.

2. Marriage Master


This Bukkit plugin enables you to register and “marry” two Minecraft players, as well as have a list of who is currently married. It works on the server itself, so it doesn’t matter which client you use. It’s also limited to the server you’re playing on, so there are no compatibility issues with other servers.

3. OpenInv


The OpenInv Bukkit Plugin enables you to edit the items in your inventory. Using this plugin, you can add and remove items from your players.

4. SilkSpawners


This plugin works on Bukkit servers and requires the Spigot API to function. It’s a spawner for Bukkit that allows you to customize mob spawning and give mobs extra abilities such as flying, jumping, breathing fire, etc.

5. Holographic Displays


The Holographic Displays Bukkit Plugin enables you to create 3D messages and holograms on the server. A client such as Minecraft Forge is also required for this plugin to work on your server.

6. Dynmap®


This Bukkit plugin provides an in-browser map in a top-down style. It allows users to view the world in real-time and even provides a way to view historical information.

7. Minepacks


Minepacks is a plugin that lets you create custom mini-games based on Minecraft. You can add or remove different commands from the mini-game, and you can also add scoreboards to track the players’ progress.

8. Shopkeepers


This Bukkit plugin adds shopkeepers to your server, which you can use to sell items for money. You can also configure the settings of the shopkeeper to customize the items they sell and so on.

9. EssentialsX


This Bukkit plugin enables you to have a group chat, a broadcast system for sending messages to every player on the server, and other features. This plugin also works on the latest versions of Bukkit.

10. MobArena


MobArena Bukkit Plugin is a mini-game where players can make their own fight club. People can pick the game’s rules beforehand and even assign other game modes, such as team mode.

11. CoreProtect


CoreProtect is a protection system for Bukkit servers that replaces the flat file-based logger used in other plugins. Instead, it logs to the database, which can be easily searched for by admins.

12. Tree Assist


TreeAsp is a Bukkit Plugin that will replant trees when they are cut down (or burnt down) and maintain the same species. It will also replant trees on trees if grown in an area where there was none before.

13. CraftBook 3


CraftBook 3 allows you to build many things, including complex redstone contraptions, mob farms, various mechanisms, and much more. It also allows you to create custom recipes and, of course, blacklist items used in certain machines.

14. MyCommand


MyCommand is used to create custom commands on your server. This Bukkit Plugin lets you add new commands with different configuration options, allowing you to make your own moderation tools.

15. PowerRanks


PowerRanks is a Bukkit plugin that adds an in-game ranking system based on permissions and groups. It also has a neat GUI for configuration.

16. ChatFeelings


ChatFeelings is a Bukkit plugin that enables you to add emotions, moods, and other effects in comments. You can set it so that people have to use the plugin to send messages or anywhere in between.

17. GUI Shop


GUI Shop is a plugin that will allow you to create your own in-game shops with a GUI. It also includes an API which makes it easy to create custom shops. The plugin uses MySQL/SQLite by default, but you can set it up to use flat file storage if you like.

18. Scavenger


Scavenger is a Bukkit Plugin that will give players new tools to help them find rare items in the world. Players can dig up blocks, search chests/Double Chests and even use a compass to find rare items.

19. Advanced Portals


Advanced Portals is a Bukkit Plugin that adds an advanced teleportation system to your game. It includes lots of different features, such as limiting who can teleport where and even allowing people to create their own custom teleports.

20. DropHeads


DropBodies is a Bukkit plugin that allows people to drop their own heads. They will drop their head whenever someone dies, which other players can then pick up.

21. UberEnchant


UberEnchant is a Bukkit plugin that adds a simple enchantment to your server, but unlike others, it allows you to add custom enchants to items. This is perfect if you want to add a self-made enchantment to your stuff.

22. Ban Management


BanManager is a Bukkit Plugin that you can use to manage players’ bans from within the game (using commands). This is perfect for bigger servers that have lots of bans.

23. SecurityVillagers


SecurityVillagers is a Bukkit plugin that will let your villagers detect and fight back against griefers. The villagers can also sell you items to protect your base and even tell you if mobs are approaching.

24. Magic


Magic is a Bukkit Plugin that adds more than 100 new and unique spells to your server, with the ability to create custom spells using an intuitive JSON/Config system. The plugin also includes a powerful GUI for spell creation and configuration.

25. SignBoard


SignBoard is a Bukkit Plugin that allows you to create signs with many different features. For instance, you can use it to let players set home, set spawn, and even give players the ability to join a group.


Bukkit Plugins are an important part of your Minecraft experience, as they give you the ability to create your own custom commands and items within the game. This post has given you the 25 best Bukkit Plugins that work with Minecraft.

We hope that this post has given you a lot of information to help you pick the best bukkit plugin for your server. Remember to look out for the recommended bukkit plugins that we included earlier in the post.

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