Top 30 Best Minecraft Modpacks in 2024

Over the years, the game of Minecraft has become incredibly popular and has evolved into a sophisticated and complex sandbox video game. Of all of its iterations and updates, modded servers have proven essential to players who want to take their gaming experience to the next level.

Although the quality of modded servers has expanded dramatically over the years, some modpacks and bukkit plugins stand out as being incredibly user-friendly and beneficial to gamers.

This article contains a list of the top 30 best Minecraft modpacks you should be playing in 2024.

What is Minecraft Modpack?

It can be difficult for players who are not familiar with modded Minecraft to understand what a modpack actually is. A mod, which originated from the phrase “Modification,” refers to anything that changes how the game operates or appears for players. For example, if one installs a graphic pack during gameplay, their UI will change in order to reflect new images for each icon.

A modpack is a collection of various mods that come together during mod installation. A Minecraft modpack can contain anything from server-specific mods, such as an anti-griefer mod, to more general modifications that affect gameplay, such as new ore generation or hunger requirements.

In essence, though, if it alters a certain aspect of the game, it can essentially be considered a mod.

30 Best Minecraft Modpacks

The following list contains the top 30 best Minecraft Modpacks in 2024 that are most preferred by players and highly regarded. Each pack is broken down into salient statistics to help gamers determine which modpack they would most enjoy playing on.

1. RLCraft


RLCraft is a modpack designed around the idea of living in a city. This means that players are expected to follow the rules and grow their cities into something worthy of envy, admiration, or worship. RLCCraft has become one of the most popular modpacks because it encourages gamers to get out there and interact with one another.

2. Better Minecraft [FORGE]


The Better Minecraft [Forge] modpack is a heavily revised version of the original Better Minecraft modpack. Although it contains many of the same mods, this iteration has been revamped to optimize its compatibility with newer versions of Minecraft and better overall performance in servers.

3. The Pixelmon Modpack


Pixelmon is a mod designed to bring the world of Pokemon into Minecraft. Since its launch in 2020, the mod has accrued over 3 million downloads and is one of the top favorites amongst players. Additions such as new items, blocks, and even Pokemon trainers help make Pixelmon feel like an entirely new game within Minecraft.

4. All the Mods 6 – ATM6


All the Mods 6 is a modpack based on the popular All the Mods 3; however, this version has been expanded to include more mods and better overall quality. Unlike ATM3, this iteration does not require players to change their in-game rendering settings or lower texture resolutions when playing within a server.

5. SkyFactory 4


SkyFactory 4 is a modpack that allows players to create and fly their own drones. By using an in-game drone module, players can craft and customize their very own drones with the help of new items such as wings and lasers. The modpack also incorporates many popular mods, such as Advanced Rocketry and Avaritia.

6. Better Minecraft [FABRIC]


Better Minecraft [Fabric] is a modpack that has been customized from the original Better Minecraft. This modpack aimed to balance out previous issues with crafting recipes and improve gameplay in general. This iteration of the pack contains improved items and blocks and a number of other things, including a new ore dictionary for better item compatibility.

7. Better Minecraft [FORGE]


Better Minecraft [Forge] is an updated version of the Better Minecraft modpack. While many of its features are similar to the original, it has been redesigned with an eye for compatibility and performance.

8. Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (RAD)


Whether it’s the dungeons or the NPCs that spawn throughout the world, Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack for Minecraft is one of a kind. This pack allows players to take on various quests in order to unlock new items or become more powerful. The quests are random, so there will be something different each time you play.

9. All the Mods 7 – ATM7


All the Mods 7 is a modpack that contains many mods from previous All the Mods modpacks. This iteration has been updated with an improved questing system and better overall balance, making it one of the best packs out there for It provides gamers with a real challenge to get through.

10. Mustard Virus by Forge Labs


The Mustard Virus is a modpack that focuses on weapon construction and destruction. Players can go to the Mustard Labs to craft new weapons or even destroy current ones to get their resources back.

11. Mineshafts & Monsters


Mineshafts & Monsters is a modpack that contains an abundance of mods that have been designed to encourage community-building. Many new items, mobs, and bosses will be present throughout the world, so players are forced to work together in order to survive.

12. Medieval Minecraft [FORGE]


Medieval Minecraft [Forge] is a modpack that combines elements from the modern and medieval ages. The pack uses many mods, such as Chisel and Immersive Engineering, to provide players with a realistic medieval world to explore and enjoy.

13. Valhelsia 3


Valhelsia 3 is a roleplaying modpack for Minecraft. This pack turns the game into an entirely new RPG experience where players must defeat enemies, create items, and defeat bosses in order to complete quests. As the player progresses through the various challenges of this pack, they will unlock new recipes that can be used in future playthroughs.

14. MC Eternal


MC Eternal is a modpack that doesn’t have quests or any enemies. Instead, this pack focuses on providing players with the tools they need to construct new buildings and eventually create their own city. The tools are free, so you can put them together as you please.

15. Create: Above and Beyond


Create: Above and Beyond is a modpack that has been designed to encourage players to build their designs beyond the ground level. It lets you make sky-high buildings with fantastic views. This pack is unlike any other because it was built for creative minds who want something more than what’s already offered in the game.

16. All in One [Modded One Block]


All in One [Modified One Block] is a modpack specially designed for those who don’t want to spend too much time reading about mods and their information. This pack includes an abundance of 30 different mods and all put together into one huge modpack.

17. SevTech: Ages


SevTech: Ages is a modpack that focuses on providing players with unique, challenging gameplay mechanics. It takes the concept of vanilla Minecraft and completely flips it around on its head by adding new skills, recipes and even reworking some current mods to give them a different feel.

18. All the Magic Spellbound – ATMS


All the Magic Spellbound is a Minecraft modpack that attempts to add every form of magic and spells into the game. Players can fly, teleport to new areas, craft powerful weapons, and more. There’s also plenty of side activities players can do while they’re looking for materials for their spells.

19. StoneBlock


StoneBlock is a modpack that has new monsters for players to encounter. It also adds in magical creatures, dungeons filled with rare materials, and even new armor sets. This pack is perfect for those who love building but still enjoy the occasional thrill of exploring unknown areas by themselves.

20. Medieval Minecraft [FABRIC]


Medieval Minecraft [Fabric] is a modpack that focuses on providing players with an enhanced medieval experience. All the items and structures you create will be made from fabric instead of traditional materials like tools, ores, and more.

21. InsaneCraft Modpack


The InsaneCraft modpack is a unique modpack that offers players a great deal of freedom. There are no restrictions during gameplay, and the world is completely open for players to do whatever they want. It also contains quests to complete if you’re feeling bored.

22. Enigmatica 6 – E6


Enigmatica 6 is a modpack designed to offer players an interesting and entertaining gaming experience. It has been outfitted with the latest mods from the Minecraft community, all of which have been finely tuned for optimal performance in this pack.

23. Valhelsia 2


Valhelsia 2 is a modpack that offers players the chance to live out their medieval fantasies. Players will encounter deadly monsters while visiting gorgeous villages and cities filled with buildings crafted from unique materials. As you explore new places, you can even discover new ores along the way.

24. Demon Slayers Unleashed


Demon Slayers Unleashed is a modpack that focuses on a world where a war between evil and good has been going on for centuries. Players can choose either side in this battle, but it’s advised to have the best armor and weapons if you want to fight these demonic foes.

25. FTB Presents Stoneblock 2


Stoneblock 2 is a modpack that was designed to provide players with an innovative experience in Minecraft. It has all the basics you’d expect, but it also adds in new advancements and extra features for players to discover while they’re playing.

26. SevTech: Ages of the Sky


SevTech: Ages of the Sky is a modpack that centers around the idea of survival. It has an abundance of challenges for players to overcome, all while crafting items and creating various machines with unique resources.

27. Pokehaan Craft


Pokehaan Craft is a modpack that was created with the simple idea of having fun in mind. It’s an adventure pack that allows players to travel through new dimensions while finding rare materials.

28. Cave Factory


Cave Factory is a modpack created for players who enjoy a more casual experience in Minecraft. It’s a modpack that can be played casually with friends and family. The pack only adds small features, which means there’s no challenge apart from making your base and searching for materials.

29. The Kingdom of Daldar – Forge Labs


The Kingdom of Daldar is a modpack that has been designed for players who enjoy the idea of medieval times. The pack contains all kinds of new items, plants, tools, and more that are aimed towards this time period.

30. Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles


Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles is a modpack that contains all the features a gamer would expect from a roleplaying experience. Players will have access to new weapons, magical spells, and even space shuttles. There are also quests scattered throughout the world which must be completed if you want to progress in this pack.


The best Minecraft mods are the ones that allow you to play in a way where boundaries do not restrict you. Whether adding new blocks, changing gameplay mechanics, or introducing entirely new dimensions of content for players to explore and enjoy, all 30 of these packs have something different to offer.

If your goal is simply more variety in your game experience, then one of these modpacks will most likely do just the trick. However, if it does not, or if your favorite modpack isn’t on the list, let us know, and we will update our post with a new one! Good luck finding that perfect modpack to enjoy playing on-and don’t forget to have fun.

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